Cheap and fun birthday party ideas

Cheap and fun birthday party ideas

We have all made birthdays like such an expensive occasion when there are hardly a few bucks that you actually need to spend in order to make it fun and memorable. No matter if it’s a toddler turning one or a tween turning teen, these kids birthday party decoration ideas have got it all covered.

  • Frame down the memories

You must have seen the regular picture montage which most people add to their walls, well, this one is a twist of it. You pin down all the memories of the birthday boy or girl on a board in form of frame. This one may end up looking a lot like a collage but for the good reasons. You can keep it safe with you and actually give it a space on the gallery wall instead of throwing it away with all the other party decor.

  • Crepe paper all the way

If you thought that crepe paper can only be used as extra fillings in gift bags and boxes, then you may want to rethink the way of using crepe papers, because there is a lot which you can do with it. You can design almost entire party decor with help of crepe papers and online flower shop Dubai and it is going to turn out so beautiful and posh. This one cheap stationery item can actually prove to be highly useful and presentable too.

  • Tray cups on the go

If we are talking about toddler party then we all are familiar with their usual banters and their ability to create a mess out of nothing which means partying and having snacks at the same time would be a disaster. Consider using cute paper cupcake liners which are filled with bunties or small chunks of chocolate so that children can have them on the go. This will cost you close to nothing but you will surely enjoy the clean and sleek party look.

  • Milk and cookies party

Does the name of milk and cookies still make you drool? Well, then here is your cue to use it to your advantage. No matter what the age is, everyone loves milk and cookies and no one can resist them. Consider milk and cookies on the menu and it will not break the bank but instead make it look effortlessly fun.